- AOP Talk – The relationship between Personal Projects and Commercial Commissions. - Charlie Clift

AOP Talk – The relationship between Personal Projects and Commercial Commissions.

I will be giving a talk at the Beyond the Lens: AOP Business Day on the relationship between personal projects and commercial commissions.. Please come along on the 10th September if you would like to find out more – it would be great to see you there. I always have a personal project on the go: from a collective portrait of British emigrants to capturing the spirit of his neighbourhood, it is through these projects that I experiment with different ways of creating images and telling stories. I believe that to get your dream commission you must first commission yourself. In doing so you can create an interesting and original body of work that appeals to those who hire photographers. I will be talking about how I create and fund my personal work using examples from my portfolio and will discuss how to promote a project to help secure meetings and...

 - Going underwater - Charlie Clift

Going underwater

It’s summer and sunny, so what better thing to do than to get into the water. I’ve spent most of my life jumping into any water that I see around me, so it’s only natural that I’d like to take my camera with me. That’s why I borrowed an underwater housing (thanks Jack) and headed to Devon to swim around with my Dad.

Raymond Tooth, divorce lawyer, photographed in Mayfair, London March 2015. Published in the Sunday Times Magazine (Rich List) - I’m now represented By Germaine Walker! - Charlie Clift

I’m now represented By Germaine Walker!

BRILLIANT NEWS ALERT I’m now represented by Germaine Walker. Germaine and the team have worked with global brands, household names and some sweet advertising agencies to create projects all over the world. With over 20 years of experience and countless campaigns behind them no brief is too big or too small. I can’t wait to make our first photos together. To say I’m excited is an understatement. [email protected] +44 (0)20 7697 8291

 - Flying sausages – my first shoot for Wired - Charlie Clift

Flying sausages – my first shoot for Wired

Who knew vegetarian sausages were far better for shooting out of a cannon than regular ones? Normally it’s me who turns up with the strange props to a shoot. My subjects, Peter and Lloyd of Foxdog Studios had it covered this time. IT consultants by day, interactive tech comedy duo by night – it was destined to be a weird and wonderful shoot. Thanks to Mary and Cindy for my first Wired commission.

 - A night at the BAFTA TV Awards - Charlie Clift

A night at the BAFTA TV Awards

What a wonderful evening on the BAFTA red carpet. Daisy Cooper really rocked that Swindon FC dress, and Martin Freeman tore up the dance floor. Plus I will savour the five seconds I spent with David Attenborough, I think he’s my hero. Thanks to Claire and Jordan for the commission, I look forward to shooting more with BAFTA in the future.

 - Rebecca Front for The Sunday Times Magazine - Charlie Clift

Rebecca Front for The Sunday Times Magazine

I was asked to photograph Rebecca Front for The Sunday Times Magazine. With such an impressive resume of roles, Rebecca can be regarded as TV, radio and comedy royalty.  You may have seen her playing Colonel Walsh in Doctor Who or solving crimes in Lewis, but for me it was her part as head of DoSAC in the Thick of It that made me most excited. I’m a pretty big fan of that far-too-close to reality political comedy. Thanks Rebecca for diving into your roles in front of my camera and discussing everything from mental health to negronis with me. Thanks also to The Sunday Times Mag for the fun commission. 

 - Brixton Street Portraits - Charlie Clift

Brixton Street Portraits

​ ​ My love of portraiture started on the street. During a year out of university I used my camera to get over depression, it got me out of the house, meeting people and back on my feet. I got hooked. I could walk up to anyone who looked interesting, start a conversation with them and join their life for a brief moment. It was exciting too, you never quite knew what was going to happen or what people would say. Since then I’ve photographed street portraits all over the world, from America to Hong Kong, Paris to Johannesburg, and many places in between. It’s always a rush persuading people to give you a minute of their time, and then of course the challenge really begins because you have to build an interesting relationship with your sitter in a very short time. ​ For this project I wanted to capture people on my home turf, in...

 - Sugru – the war on stuff BTS video - Charlie Clift

Sugru – the war on stuff BTS video

Last year I photographed Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh – the founder and masterful inventor of a mouldable glue called Sugru. Sugru wants everyone to fix, create and re-use things. We are drowning in so much stuff and they don’t like this throw away culture we live in – that’s why they are combating it. Here’s a little behind the scenes video of the shoot with you to show you how we made this photo. Enjoy! Filmmaker: Peter Lewis Beighton Set Designer: Mim Quin Harkin

 - Portrait workshop at the V&A Museum – 27th + 28th April - Charlie Clift

Portrait workshop at the V&A Museum – 27th + 28th April

Want to learn the ins and outs of portrait photography? I’m running a workshop at the V&A Museum on the 27th and 28th April.  I will be teaching you how to tell a compelling story about your sitter, be this using lighting and composition, props, and/or emotion.  It will be a fun and insightful two days. Interested in taking part? LINK

 - Making a career in the photography industry - Charlie Clift

Making a career in the photography industry

Paul from Arts University Bournemouth invited me to The Photographers’ Gallery to take part in a seminar called “Young Gifted and Making it.” I was giving a talk alongside Mitch Payne and Mollie Rose, each of us telling our stories of making our way in this industry. As Paul put it: “In recent times we have heard a lot of negative comments about the future of photography as a career, and how difficult it is now to make it. However, there are young photographers out there full of positivity and talent that are making waves. They prove that changes in the industry can be viewed as a threat, or better thought as an opportunity. The three photographers gathered here will provide a wonderful insight to anyone else that chooses to follow them.” If you fancy listening to my top tips then hit up the video above.