- Let’s Talk shortlisted in the D&AD Awards - Charlie Clift

Let’s Talk shortlisted in the D&AD Awards

Exciting news – Let’s Talk is shortlisted in the D&AD awards! I created this personal project to help fight the stigma surrounding mental health. Working with lettering artist Kate Forrester we put people’s most difficult thoughts on their faces before photographing them and displaying the prints two metres tall in outdoor public exhibitions. It is fantastic to get more exposure for the project through these awards. Massive thanks to everyone involved, especially to the brave people who volunteered to be photographed for the project. For more information visit: Or head over to Guildhall Yard in London where the exhibition is currently on display.

Jamie Oliver - British GQ - Jamie Oliver – GQ Food & Drink Awards - Charlie Clift

Jamie Oliver – GQ Food & Drink Awards

    What an awesome fun shoot this was – Jamie Oliver photographed for British GQ to celebrate his lifetime achievement award at the GQ Food and Drink Awards. Taking inspiration form Philippe Halsman’s incredible image ‘Dali Atomicus’ we updated the idea for Jamie using an Italian restaurant as our starting point. It’s not easy getting something like this to all come together, but thankfully Mr Oliver was brilliant at balancing on a chair whilst pouring his tea with perfect accuracy, and I had an awesome team behind me.       So what ingredients do you need for a shoot like this? 1 Jamie Oliver 1 photographer 1 stylist 1 prop stylist 1 art director (slightly hung-over from a Christmas party) 3 assistants dressed head to toe in black a handful of crumpled napkins a pair of salt and pepper shakers 1 reinforced chair that can hold a national...

 - Caroline Criado Perez – The Sunday Times Magazine - Charlie Clift

Caroline Criado Perez – The Sunday Times Magazine

I photographed Caroline Criado-Perez for The Sunday Times Magazine. It was genuinely an honour to meet and photograph this formidable feminist. She has led two powerful campaigns: the first, in 2013, to put a female face on a banknote, the second to erect a statue of a woman in Parliament Square. She has now written a book to make clear to us how male-centred even our numbers are. Many thanks to Russ for the commission. 

 - Awards! - Charlie Clift


I’m delighted to tell you that my portrait of Lynn Barber, photographed for The Sunday Times Magazine, has been selected for the Association of Photographers Awards 2019; plus two of my personal projects, Portrait of Brixton and Let’s Talk, have won Silver at the One Eyeland Awards 2018. Happy times!

 - Stephen Woolley and Elizabeth Karlsen – BAFTA Film Awards Brochure - Charlie Clift

Stephen Woolley and Elizabeth Karlsen – BAFTA Film Awards Brochure

BAFTA asked me to photograph the recipients of the Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema Award – Stephen Woolley and Elizabeth Karlsen. It was a freezing day when I arrived outside the Number 9 offices in central London, with a studio’s worth of equipment in tow. We were warmly welcomed into their building and promptly shown to a tiny room to set up our studio in. About half the room was currently taken up with a snarling taxidermy wolf, a prop from one of their films. So after sliding it out of the way to one side I had just enough room to squeeze a backdrop, hoist my octabox between the two ceiling lights and plug my camera into my laptop. We started off photographing outside in the nearly freezing temperatures – the backstreet their offices are in was just too atmospheric not to photograph in. After braving the cold for 10...

Coleman - BAFTA Film Awards - BAFTA Film Awards 2019 - Charlie Clift

BAFTA Film Awards 2019

I love photographing at the British Academy Film Awards. From the glitz and glam of the red carpet to the early hour celebrations of the after party – it’s always a special evening recognising the best work of the year and meeting so many fascinating and talented people. Thanks so much to Claire and Jordan at BAFTA for inviting me along.

 - Carl Pei – SvD Perfect Guide - Charlie Clift

Carl Pei – SvD Perfect Guide

How do you make your Formula One friends jealous? You go to the McLaren Technology Centre for a shoot and send them pictures of all the ridiculously awesome cars there… I got commissioned by SvD Perfect Guide to photograph Carl Pei. He’s the computer guru and internet entrepreneur who founded OnePlus and is launching a new phone in collaboration with McLaren. A seriously smart and down-to-earth character – it was a pleasure photographing him. Thanks to SvD for the commission.

 - Anna Soubry and her daughter Roma – The Sunday Times Magazine - Charlie Clift

Anna Soubry and her daughter Roma – The Sunday Times Magazine

I was asked to photograph Anna Soubry MP and her daughter Roma for The Sunday Times Magazine. I met Anna not long after she had been shouted at and insulted by protesters on live TV, but that didn’t seem to affect her as she arrived in great spirits – laughing, dancing and messing about in front of my camera for the duration of the shoot. Somehow we also managed to have an in-depth discussion about Brexit and the future of Britain whilst all this was happening… Massive thanks to Anna and Roma for sharing their Sunday lunchtime with me and to Russ for the commission.  

 - Modern Tarot – The Sunday Times Magazine - Charlie Clift

Modern Tarot – The Sunday Times Magazine

  It’s not every day you get your cards read on a photoshoot. But I guess that’s to be expected when you’re asked to photograph two modern-day tarot readers for The Sunday Times Magazine. I know what you’re thinking. Weird witches trying to predict my future? No – it was fascinating. It felt like more of a therapy session and Fiona and Jennifer want to use the readings as a way of interviewing well-known people in an unconventional way. I think that’s pretty cool. I always like trying out new ideas and that’s exactly what I did on this shoot. Although I couldn’t help getting some props involved and we obviously made it rain tarot cards. Big thanks to Russ for the commission and to Fiona and Jennifer for being so collaborative and fun. Read the article here: LINK

 - Environmentally friendly babies for M&C Saatchi - Charlie Clift

Environmentally friendly babies for M&C Saatchi

How do you get people to think about the environment? You put giant pictures of  their children up on their office walls of course. I photographed an internal campaign for M&C Saatchi that would make their staff think about the environment and the planet future generations will grow up on. We wanted to get all the emotions – and we were not disappointed. There were smiles, frowns, dribbles, joy, tantrums and tears. It was emotionally draining at times as nobody enjoys watching a baby cry, but we always had mum or dad on standby to jump in after a few seconds to comfort the kids. Massive thanks to all the families involved! What an incredible brief this was. Thanks to the team at M&C Saatchi for making it happen – Mimi Gray, Shaska Bain, Angelo An and Alan Jones.