- Ruth Davidson for cover of The Sunday Times Magazine - Charlie Clift

Ruth Davidson for cover of The Sunday Times Magazine

I’ve asked many people to dance in front of my camera, and politicians have always said “No”, until now… I was in Edinburgh to photograph the leader of the Scottish Conservatives Ruth Davidson. I’d done all my research and come with many ideas, but ultimately I didn’t know what Ruth would be like, plus I was very aware that she was rather pregnant. The last thing I expected to happen was for her to shake her stuff in front of my lens like she was in a nightclub. Even Ed Balls who is famed for his appearances on Strictly Come Dancing refused to do the cha cha cha when I photographed him. However, when I brought up Theresa May’s recent rhythmic movements on her African tour I discovered that Ruth does like a dance or two. A self confessed fan of cheesy pop she requested Pink’s “Raise your glass” and away...

 - Tom Kerridge for GQ - Charlie Clift

Tom Kerridge for GQ

When the person you’re photographing turns up with a pig’s head under their arm you know it’s going to be an interesting day. This was my first shoot for GQ but the second time I was photographing chef Tom Kerridge. Last time we blowtorched everything we laid our hands on and dressed up like pirates: LINK. This time was just as fun – Tom giggled throughout, weight lifted meat and risked his life on a rickety old table on the rooftop of the Corinthia Hotel. Thanks to Tom for being such a good sport and the wonderful team who made it come together. Tom is opening his debut restaurant in London soon at the Corinthia Hotel, definitely go check it out. Photo Director: Robin Key Prop Stylist: Mim Quin-Harkin Stylist: Angelo Mitakos MUA: Karen Wagner Assistant: Angela Dennis

 - Lynn Barber and her cat for the Sunday Times Magazine - Charlie Clift

Lynn Barber and her cat for the Sunday Times Magazine

Lynn Barber and her cat Tyger for the Sunday Times Magazine. True to Lynn’s warning the cat did not want to be photographed. We managed to get one appearance on set thanks to the cocaine like properties of Dreamies cat treats, but once Tyger had had her fill she then wouldn’t perform for us again – no treats, toys or cat herding would help.

 - Magnus Lygdback for SvD Perfect Guide - Charlie Clift

Magnus Lygdback for SvD Perfect Guide

‘Magnus, how would you feel if I put a rat on your head?’ I was asked to photograph personal trainer to the stars Magnus Lygdback for SvD Perfect Guide. He’s the man who gave Batman his biceps, Wonder Woman her wonder abs and turned Alicia Vikander into a Tomb Raider. Magnus self describes as a ‘gym rat’… and sometimes as a photographer you can’t help your brain coming up with ideas. Two days later I was in a cab with a space hopper, five bags of popcorn, and two live rats… Some people are up for collaborating and trying out ridiculous ideas and others aren’t – the  former are a lot of fun. And you know, if you don’t ask you don’t get, which was how Magnus ended up with a rat on his head. Thank you to SvD for the commission and to Magnus for being awesome.  

 - Portrait of Brixton – exhibition at Pop Brixton - Charlie Clift

Portrait of Brixton – exhibition at Pop Brixton

Portrait of Brixton is a new exhibition which celebrates Brixton’s community in a series of street portraits. From rushing commuters to reggae dancers, I stopped people for a moment on the street to capture the characters of the area. Grab a beer, enjoy the exhibition and indulge in some of London’s best street food. The exhibition is free to all and open until the end of September (9am-11pm everyday). Address: Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Rd, Brixton, London SW9 8PQ  

 - Feeling blue with Jessie Buckley - Charlie Clift

Feeling blue with Jessie Buckley

I met Jessie when I photographed her for the BAFTA Breakthrough Brits and she told me to give her a shout if I had any fun shoot ideas… That’s how I ended up in a photo studio throwing paint at her. It was an incredibly fun and very messy day. Thank you to Jessie for being up for a laugh and make-up artist Karen Wagner for all her help.

 - Clare Balding & Alice Arnold for The Sunday Times Magazine - Charlie Clift

Clare Balding & Alice Arnold for The Sunday Times Magazine

It was a pleasure to photograph Clare Balding and Alice Arnold for The Sunday Times Magazine. Thank you to Chiswick House for the stunning location and to Archie the dog for not eating all the scones.  

 - AOP Talk – The relationship between Personal Projects and Commercial Commissions. - Charlie Clift

AOP Talk – The relationship between Personal Projects and Commercial Commissions.

I will be giving a talk at the Beyond the Lens: AOP Business Day on the relationship between personal projects and commercial commissions.. Please come along on the 10th September if you would like to find out more – it would be great to see you there. I always have a personal project on the go: from a collective portrait of British emigrants to capturing the spirit of his neighbourhood, it is through these projects that I experiment with different ways of creating images and telling stories. I believe that to get your dream commission you must first commission yourself. In doing so you can create an interesting and original body of work that appeals to those who hire photographers. I will be talking about how I create and fund my personal work using examples from my portfolio and will discuss how to promote a project to help secure meetings and...

 - Going underwater - Charlie Clift

Going underwater

It’s summer and sunny, so what better thing to do than to get into the water. I’ve spent most of my life jumping into any water that I see around me, so it’s only natural that I’d like to take my camera with me. That’s why I borrowed an underwater housing (thanks Jack) and headed to Devon to swim around with my Dad.

Raymond Tooth, divorce lawyer, photographed in Mayfair, London March 2015. Published in the Sunday Times Magazine (Rich List) - I’m now represented By Germaine Walker! - Charlie Clift

I’m now represented By Germaine Walker!

BRILLIANT NEWS ALERT I’m now represented by Germaine Walker. Germaine and the team have worked with global brands, household names and some sweet advertising agencies to create projects all over the world. With over 20 years of experience and countless campaigns behind them no brief is too big or too small. I can’t wait to make our first photos together. To say I’m excited is an understatement. [email protected] +44 (0)20 7697 8291